Open innovation programs with Motherbase Saas + Service

1 juin 2023


Year after year from 2016, we've developed a simple but efficient methodology for corporate's innovation challenges. No complicated upfront "briefing" needed ! With Motherbase and teams, in 12 weeks from day 1, we help you to find step by step your ideal innovation partners to grow your business.

Tell us what's the pain point you'd like to tackle, we'll handle the rest ! With more than 160.000 startups and innovative entities in a single database, we'll help you to make the best startups selection ever. And as the way you and your company's teams work with startups is unique, you'll find entities that will match your values and processes. Week after week, we'll build together the "perfect" list for your challenge. No RFP needed for startups. No complicated form to fill. And no advertising spendings to - hardly - get relevant applications. Hard to believe ?

Ask for a demo.

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