SaaS access to 160k + innovative entities updated daily.

162.000 innovative entities in a single database
Whatever are the startups - or innovative entities - you're looking for, you'll find them in Motherbase. More than 50 different activities and 40 technologies, in more than 150 countries. All you'd like to know about innovation is there. Updated daily.
Get into details!
For each entity followed by Motherbase , you'll get up-to-date information from their current value proposition to the evolution of the number of employees or fundraising. On a single page. Our AI algorithms qualifies each of them by kind of entity (Startup, SMB, NGO, ...), by activity (From A for Agritech to W for Water management), by technology (Generative AI, sensors, new materials, ...).
162K pins on a world map
Motherbase RPA processes ensure geomapping of each entity and multi-dimension social graphs analyse. Multiple graph formats included in the user interface or pre-set in third party software.
No matter what you're looking for, you'll find it in Motherbase
The powerful search engine of Motherbase will help you to source precisely the entities you're looking for. By activity, by technology, geography, etc. Or even by full text search inside their value proposition. You can even combine all these criteria. And save or export your searches. Or generate your proper alerts.
Export your data! Link Motherbase with your current software through powerful APIs
Pre-set export formats including all the information you need about each entity your are interested in. Or access to powerful APIs. Motherbase is adapted to all kind of needs.
Exclusive analyse of Startup <-> Corporate interactions !
As soon as a Motherbase entity interacts with one of the 2.000+ corporations we follow(CAC40, DAX, NASDAQ, major incubators and VCs, etc.), their conversation is analyzed by our AI algorithms. Discover and analyse all kind of interactions, from events, to business links or capitalistic links.

Video example: Exploring European Greentech & Cleantech .A.I. startups

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