Motherbase Portals:
Your personalized web portal, live in less than 5 minutes!

Your startups directory, always up-to-date
Once selected the solutions you want to promote (by technology, by activity, by geography,...), no worries ! Each solution will be automatically updated at least monthly. You'll be alerted if any of them fails. And no need to ask startups owners to fill forms upfront. Motherbase Portals are fully automated. Thanks to AI. But if needed, a human check is always possible!
Get your personalized portal: no code needed
Motherbase portals are fully customizable. From design to User journeys. Define your menus. Select your solutions. Upload your partners. No code needed. But if you prefer, con can access to css to go farther. Much farther.
A news section provided to offer deeper info to your public... et improve SEO
Motherbase portals are provided with an easy-to-use news section (close from Wordpress blogs for instance). You can share press realease, include videos or interviews from solutions, etc. Optimized for search engines !
Build a portal adapted to each visitor!
For non digital natives, browsing a digital directory can be not that simple. Motherbase portals offer an exclusive feature to adapt your directory to your users' journeys. Who they are ? What are they looking for ? Which usage ? With a few questions, they'll find exactly what they're looking for.
Find solutions close to you
Each startup or solution in Motherbase is geolocated. Each visitor can browse your directory on a map. With customized pins per activity. Sometimes, proximity is key for startup relations.
A single click to manage your portal's partners.
Upload your partner's logos and name. That's it ! They're immediately visible on the top of your portal. And if needed, each of them can have its proper description and space.

Discover several example of live portals published and updated daily by Motherbase Portals.

Video : discover how to publish your own portal step by step.

1. select the solutions (startups, SMBs, ...) you want to promote and create your workspace in Motherbase SaaS and add additional data if needed.
2. Publish on a blank web portal provided by Motherbase Portals.
3. Customize your portal (User journeys, menus, design, etc.)

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